1. Men’s Open Class 30 km Winner – Li Zicheng
23-year-old Li Zicheng is a student from Shangdong Sport University. He won the 2013 Vasa running festival men’s 30 km open class with the time of 1:46:28.52. The retired marathon athlete placed second in the 2010 Shanghai International Marathon Competition. This year was Li’s first time attending Vasa Running Festival. He maintained his lead throughout the competition and was relaxed the entire time.“I come here for Vasa’s good fame! It’s the best track I’ve ever seen. It is not only suitable for competition, but also for training. I think I’ll come here more often and attend more Vasa events in the future.”

2. Women’s Open Class 30 km Winner – Mari Riseth
Seeded participant Mari Riseth of Sweden did not disappoint the crowd when she took first place in the women’s open class 30 km division with a time of 2:11:23.68. In 2011, she placed third in the same competition.
“I’m very happy and satisfied with my results. Last time I was third, but this time I place first. For me, this is a huge improvement. Thanks Vasa. I enjoyed the competition very much. When I ran on the track, I met many people from various countries. I really liked that feeling. I hopeto come to China again in the future to participate in more Vasa events.”

3. Men’s Open Class 15 km Winner – Ai Shuang
The 39-year-old Ai Shuang began participating in Vasa running competitions in 2009. This year, he achieved a new personal best record: first place with a time of 1:11:15.14.
“Right now I am very excited, since I never imagined that I could improve so much at my age. The Vasa Running Festival has been the most harsh and most mentally challenging competition that I have ever participated in. The roads have been intricately planned out; there are undulated roads, mountain roads, as well as slopes, all testing one’s overall ability. It’s really challenging. I really enjoyed it.”

4. Women’s Open Class 15 km Winner – Astrid Bruland
This year, 24-year-old Astrid Bruland participated in the Vasa Running Festival for the first time, placing first in the women’s open class 15 km competition with a time of 1:22:43.78.
“I’m extremely happy but so very tired becauseit’s so hot today. I’m really impressed by the tracks here. I also like the environment here. I hope to join more Vasa Running Competitions in the future. ”

5. Men’s Open Class 7.5 km winner – Yu Heng
Second time participant Yu Heng placed first in his division with a time of 0:25:28.5. The 26-year-old man was very satisfied with his performance.
“I am very happy that I was able to run alongside many foreign friends. In the future, I will participate in this event every year. I hope that next year’s Vasa Running Festival will be even better.”

6. Women’s Open Class 7.5 km Winner – Tian Zhiwen
The 18-year-old Tian Zhiwen was this year’s competition’s youngest winner. In her first time participating in Vasa’s Running Festival, she placed first with a time of 0:31:34.27. Since she aspires to become a professional long distance runner, she hopes to show even better results in the future.
“I am very happy that I was able to achieve such great results on my first time participating in this event. Many thanks to my coach. It was really refreshing running in the woods. The environment was great.”

7. Men’s Senior Class 30 km Winner – Li Ming
Loyal Vasa competition fan Li Ming is 56 years old. He has participated in the Vasa running event for six consecutive years, but did notachieve good results. This year, he finally won the 2013 Vasa Running Festival Men’s Senior Class 30 km division with the time of 2:17:28.38.
“It’s my personal best. I’m so excited! I have finally exceeded my own expectations! Vasa encourages everyone to join in sports. And I’ll attend every year’s Vasa running festival as long as I can run.”

8. Women’s Senior Class 30 km Winner – Zhang Guifan
Zhang Guifan first participated in Vasa’s running competition in 2008, achieving third place that year. This year, the 59-year-old grabbed the victory with a time of 3:6:16.83 and is very pleased with her results. As she has been running long distance for around 20 years, this sport has already become a part of her life.
“The Vasa Running Festival has brought me unparalleled joy and has brightened up my life. As long as I can run, I will continue to participate in each year’s Vasa running festival.”

9. Men’s Senior Class 15 km Winner – Chen Rongxi
With the time of 1:11:1:65, 52-year-old Chen Rongxi won the 15km senior class men’s gold for a second time. He seemed very calm about successfully defended his championship.
“I was fighting for the championship this year. I love sports and that is the spirits that Vasa wants to convey. I’ll continue to attend Vasa events in the future!”

10. Women’s Senior Class 15 km Winner – Sun Dahua
54-year-old Sun Dahua looks younger than her actual age due to her constant exercising all year round. As an experienced Vasa participant, she placed first in the 2013 Vasa running festival women’s senior class 15 km division with the time of 1:38:39.63.
“I’m really really happy to have won the competition. And Vasa is a very amazing platform. I really enjoy the competition. I want to give my sincere appreciation to Vasa!”

11. Men’s Senior Class 7.5 km Winner – Wang Chenghe
54-year-old Wang Chenghe has many years of experience with Vasa competitions. But for him, this year’s competition was not difficult at all, as he took first place with a time of 0:31:58.23. The experienced runner did not feel especially excited about his victory in the 7.5 km competition, but rather felt quite calm.
“Vasa running festival’s environment was very suitable for me. I regularly participate in similar events, so I already knew what to expect. For me, participating in the event was the most important part of the competition.”

12. Women’s Senior Class 7.5 km Winner – Zhou Fengying
Thanks to regular exercise, 50-year-old Zhou Fengying won first place the 2013 Vasa running festival Women’s Senior Class 7.5 km division with the time of 0:31:58.23.
“Vasa activities are great. They represent the spirit of coming together to exercise, and I am one of them. I want to express my gratitude to Vasa.”

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