Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon ranks level-B among China marathon racing. The circuit had been certificated by Chinese Athletics Association. Compare with other marathon in China, the forest marathon is closer to nature with higher difficulty of cross-country running, and the biggest advantage is that the track involved mountain slope, forest sand way, and a lot of beautiful single track, the entire climb is around 750 meters. Among these three kinds of tracks, runners should be careful with the forest sand way and mountain slope.

A temporary loo is also offered every 5km on the marathon tracks .

In addition to the route guidance and mileage signs, do not forget to respond to the enthusiastic cheering of the audience along the track, and leave a bright smile before the photographers lens. Hope you enjoy your forest marathon!

Forest sand way: You will run on a solid or soft dirt road, which ground is covered with pine needles, it is not easy to grasp the balance of gravel road, and you need pay attention to hidden pot-holes and undulating grass and so on. On rainy days or after the rain, these original dry road will become slippery, especially on the grass.

Mountain slope: When running up-hills, landing on the forefoot first, is suitable for you. Lean your body forward to keep using the gravity to help you move on, and narrow your stride length while increase your cadence. The steeper the up-hill road is, the shorter the stride length should be. When you cross the sharply steep slope you need walking or serpentine (Don’t interfere in other people). When running down-hills, you should observe the road condition, carefully select the route according to the safety of the foothold.

The Marathon track lasts for 42.195km, the entire climb is around 750 meters, the steepest slope is 22°. The track consists of three parts,16km lake road, 13km mountain slope and 13km forest sand way. There are 16 drinking stations in total, seven of which provide energy-supply, and three provide ambulances.

Their locations are following: 1(5km), 2(7.5km), 3(10km), 4(12.5km), 5(15km), 6(18km), 7(20km), 8(22.5km), 9(25km), 10(27.5km), 11(29.5km), 12(32.5km), 13(35km), 14(37.5), 15(40km), 16(Finish line).

The track of the Half Marathon lasts 21.0975km, constituted by 14km lake road, 5km mountain slope, 2km forest sand way. There are eight drinking stations, four of these provide energy-supply .Three provide ambulances.

The locations are as follows:1(5km), 2(8.5km), 3(11.5km), 4(12.3m), 5(14.8km), 6(16.5km), 7(19km), 8(Finish line).

The track of the Mini Marathon lasts 7km, including 5km lake road and 2km mountain slope. The drinking station locates 5km away from the start line.