Meet on Jingyue Marathon, View of Cultural Changchun

Aim and value

Jingyue-marathon athletes from all over the country and world-wide, are the people loving sport with high quality and full pursuit of history and culture. We organize the View of Cultural Changchun aiming to make the athletes relax before they participate in the fierce marathon sports, follow the historical and cultural footprints of Changchun to widen our sight, condense forces and strengthen your confidence.

Changchun is a beautiful city with a profound cultural base, renown as film city and sculpture city, where the new China film industry started, has the reputation of the Cradle of New China Movie.

The sculpture culture of Changchun city has unique character, large-scale and high starting point. The Changchun World Sculpture Park has been rated one of the initial 11 model units building future cultural legacies.

Moreover, Changchun was the capital of the Puppet Manchurian Regime with a large number of historical and cultural relics of Puppet Manchurian Regime, among which there are the Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum and the Puppet Manchuria Eight Ministries for most famous. Travelling into Changchun and scrutinizing the cultures, you would exprience distinctive cultural edification.

Activity time 2016/06/18

Activity location Changchun City

Content and guidelines

09:30 Gather at Jingyue Park Entrance , then drive to the Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum

10:00 Visit the Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum


The Manchurian Palace Museum is converted from The Puppet Manchukuo Puppet Palace which last emperor of the Qing dynasty Aixinjueluo-Puyi used to live in. It is one of the three major imperial residences preserved in modern China, and also the historical evidence against Japanese imperialist for military conquest and fascist colonization ruling Northeast China. Through a tour of the Puppet Palace you can also understand the daily life of the last emperor and empress under the colonial rule.

12:30 A taste of Chinese Food: typical Ji Cuisine

13:00 Enjoy the sight of the Puppet Manchuria Eight Ministries and Changchun city scenery along the road by bus


The Puppet Manchuria Eight Ministries include the Military Department, Judiciary, the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Farming, the Ministry of Culture and Education,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Peoples Livelihood.

13:40 Drive to the former site of Changchun Film Studio Group, visit Changchun Film old site Museum

The museum consists of the former major office building, film studio, film laboratory, to show multiple themes including motion picture arts, movie props, film tricks, film crafts and film production by the cultural relic preservation, art exhibition and movie interaction, so that we can clearly understand the historical development of Chinese film culture.

15:00  Visit Changchun World Sculpture Park

Changchun World Sculpture Park, with the theme of friendship, peace and spring is a collection of 453 pieces(sets) of sculpture works made by 403 sculptors from 216 countries and regions, praised as Top of the World.

18:00 The trip ends: return to Jingyue Park Entrance

How to join us

The activity is voluntary for all the athletes who join the Jingyue Forest Marathon and self-sponsored. Seats limited in 150 in principle.

The fee of this event

368 Yuan each person

Fee description:

Tickets, characteristic Chinese meal, luxury bus and insurance

Ms Qin