–an exclusive interview on Gavert Waag, the president of Nordicways Vasa

1. Why chose Li-Ning as the cooperation partner?
We’re delighted to cooperate with Li-Ning Company for the LI-NING China 10K Running League. It is the first running league held in China, and Vasa is also a traditional sports competition from Sweden. We both hope to build an exchange platform for sports enthusiasts and promote a healthy lifestyle. I believe that the cooperation between us can make a great achievement and bring more fun to residents.

2. How do you comment on the achievement Vasa has made in the past decade, especially in promoting healthy lifestyle?
Vasa Changchun has been making progress and constantly surpassing in the past ten years, for itself and Vasa Sweden as well. In fact, the competition is much better than before even its event scale and people’s involvement cannot match with those of the 90-year-history Vasa Sweden. But Changchun Vasa has its own Chinese characteristics in terms of sports events.
Besides cross-country skiing, we’ve held running festival, orienteering, cycling and other sports activities, aiming to make Changchun a sports city all year round. And we hope to help the city to build a bridge for external communication.
500,000 college students have learned our skiing lessons over the decade and Children Vasa is going well at present. The healthy lifestyle what Vasa always promotes has deepened in every Changchun resident’s heart.

3. What’s your biggest harvest in China over the decade?
I’ve met many friends and they are like my family members in Changchun Jingyuetan. I feel so lucky to involve in my new home here when embracing every athlete, resident and governor. For me, to provide a better quality and healthier life to my foreign friends is my biggest ambition these years!

4. What about Vasa’s plan in the future?
We’ll continue to connect Changchun with Europe and the world in terms of economic and trade and cultural exchange via Vasa’s sports events. And we’ll promote a healthy lifestyle for all the residents.
Vasa China has successfully been a member of Vasaloppet in June. It will greatly improve the popularity of Vasa China, attracting more international participants and inspiring the sports enthusiasm of all Changchun residents.
I believe that the on-progressing Vasa Changchun will do become the most well-known cross-country skiing across the world in the future. And Changchun will further make its SkiingCity stable.

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