The 2013 edition of the Vasa Running Festival will be held in the same spirit and atmosphere as the previous events, with a focus on providing entertainment for everyone. It will be a high-quality international sports event, which will bring cross-country running to a wide audience. The event will serve both as a running competition and as a celebration of the Swedish midsummer holiday. For this reason it is highly appropriate that the event is called a running “festival”.

Worthy of special mention is that this year’s sixth edition of the Vasa Running Festival will feature historic innovations. Since the scope of the competition and number of competitors has been increasing for each year, it has been decided that the event will be extended to last for two days. The entertainment program surrounding the event has also been expanded, with a beer festival to be held on Midsummer. Visitors will be able to browse among outdoor articles from various international companies, as well as participate in international cultural activities.

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