—–by Zhao Xiaolu, deputy director of Changchun Municipal Bureau of Sports

Q: What is the best value brought by Vasa over the past decade?
A: Vasa events include sports, tourism and entertainment. It promotes the development of sports in Changchun, improves the image of the city, and boosts tourism as well as other industries. The race, to some extent, is conducive to Changchun social and economic growth.

Q: Why does Changchun prefer to cooperate with Vasa?
A: Vasa events are widely popular across the world. Moreover, we choose Nordicways Vasa as our partner to introduce such event, aiming to promote the comprehensive development of sports, tourism and city construction in Changchun.

Q: Will you expand cooperation with Vasa in the future?
A: We will continue to hold such event since Vasa events are favored by citizens in Changchun and the whole nation. We want to provide better life for all the residents. Changchun will hold a series of races later, and we will try the best to provide more platforms for sports, tourism and entertainment.

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