We are much honored to announce that STONEHAM will sponsor the 2013 Vasa Cross Country Running Festival.

STONEHAM was founded in 2009by two former members of the Swedish national team[S1] . Today STONEHAM manufactures more than just ski wear. Its products also include training clothes for the summer months, as well as clothes for running and cycling.

Currently, STONEHAM sells its products in 18 countries and regions worldwide, and sponsors many Nordic traditional sports events such as the Vasa International Skiing Festival as well as the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon. The company also signed[S2] two famous Swedish skiers.

Fredrik Persson, the CEO of STONEHAM China, is very confident with the company’s decision to cooperate with Vasa.

Q: Why do you choose to cooperate with Vasa in China?
A: I have been participating in Vasa events for many years. I placed first in the 2008 Vasaloppet China, and after that, I found that this is really a good event organization company. Now we have an office in Xiamen as well as our own brand of sports clothing. We think it’s very nice to have such a cooperation here, especially for the current summer event. And we’ll have many fantastic participants here tomorrow, so this is a great opportunity.

Q: What are your expectations for this year’s events ?
A: I hope there will be many participants. For us, this is a great opportunity to exhibit our products. We feel that Chinese people like our designs and materialsvery much, so we are excited for tomorrow’s arrival.

Q: Is this the first timecooperating with Vasa?
A: Yes, for Stoneham this is the first year our products have entered theChinese market. Before then, our main market was in Europe and Russia. We will also sponsor two more Nordic Way’s events this year:a marathon in Mongolia in two weeks and one in China in September. So I hope to have a long-term cooperation with China.

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