Yun Yanqiao, a big name among Chinese runners, also a fan of Nordic Ways event, has participated in Genghis Khan Grassland Extreme Marathon for several times and won the champion. This year, in addition to GKF, he’ll compete in Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon this weekend. Before the race, we make an interview with him, to share his running idea with everyone.

1. When did you begin to run and what motivates you to keep running?

I started to run when in senior school. From that time, I enjoy the feeling of running on the playground alone.

2. In the past several years, you have won many champions and performed well in different running events. Could you share some secret to be a champion?

Honestly speaking, my performance is far from excellent. However, I’m very happy that I can keep running so long. I prefer the process of training and competing, more than the result. Making running widespread and to affect more people to enjoy running is my aspiration.

3. Besides running, do you have any other hobby? Please talk about the place you go and your training rate and intensity.

In my spare time, I spend on riding and swimming in addition to running. I usually practice on Xiangshan, about once a week, jogging most.

4.You have joined Nordic Ways’ event for several times, especially Grassland Marathon. This’ll be the first time for you to run in Jingyuetan. What appeals to you to come here?

I love the beauty of Jingyuetan and the soft track. The sunlight should not be so severe and temperature suitable. All make running very comfortable.

5.As an experienced runner, how will you prepare before the race?

Just enjoy the event. First comes happiness while training comes second. Free up your phone memory (to take photos as more as possible), wear your most beautiful equipment, and have fun with the local interests and food. That’s the real event strategy.

6.Do you have any special needs to diet? Or would you like to make a special diet plan before and after the race?

I prefer to light diet, less rich food and eat balanced. I never make a special plan, just the same as normal.

7.As you compete in various running race frequently, how could you avoid injury and over fatigue and recover from that?

My secret is to follow your body, to rest when you’re tired and to slow down when you’re hurt. What’s more, never run a race if you’re injuredas we’re not athletes, for health, not for injury. After race, take more fresh vegetables and fruits and jog to release the acid.

8.Any expectation to the coming race?

More road signs, more supplies, more cross-country road and less sunlight. Eh, that’s all.

9.You have run so many cross-country events that the public thumb up when your name mentioned. Your love to running really affect a great many of people. The question is, are you a runner who participate in a race instead of usual training. Which event do you like most and what appeal to you?

I’m never a runner taking race instead of training. I just take part in the races that I’m interested in and never enforce myself to run any race. In my opinion, you can never enjoy a race if you don’t love it.

In terms of event, I think the Blue Mountain 100km in Australia and tarawera 100km in New Zealand is wonderful, not only in beautiful scenery, but in the strong cultural atmosphere.

10.Generally, the more races you join, the less time you can spend with family. What do your family think about running? How do you balance that?

In fact, my family are in favor of my hobby. Though I participate in many events, I try to spend time with my family as possible as I can.

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