Lolita Wu got into running in 2014 and tried a 50km cross-country race, a relay triathlon race and a 24-hour running race in 2015. Then she was involved in 100km ultra endurance race in 2017 and a team relay later. In 2018, she became an event volunteer. She used to struggle in physical test and be a little fat, but now she’s very confident and would like to challenge herself in different sports. Running has brought great change to her. Her story also inspired a lot of people on social media. In 2018, she finished the Jingyuetan Forest Marathon with her friends and would like to share her experience with us. 

1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself.

Hi, I’m Lolita Wu. I ran the 2018 Jingyuetan Forest Marathon. (wow,are the post-90s generation speaking so consciously now?)

2. How do you know Jingyuetan Forest Marathon?

Claire from the OC and many friends introduced this race to me. Also, I saw the race photos in many social media. So I decided to try it.

3. What do you run for? Why did you choose Jingyuetan Forest Marathon?

I’m not a serious runner. In fact, I prefer to explore more beautiful scenery through running. I had seen many photos of Jingyuetan Forest Marathon and attracted to the scenery along the various course including forest, sand road, slope and road around the lake. This’s why I chose it.

4. How do you arrange your daily training?

As I’m busy in my work, normally I run the race instead of doing daily training.

5 .What do you think is the hardest when running in Jingyuetan?

Bad weather. I suffered from the heavy rain last year. The course is very muddy. Fortunately, I wore trail shoes and finished the race at the end. 

6. Would you like to introduce Jingyuetan Forest Marathon to your friends?  Which aspect do you like most of this forest marathon?

Of course. I like the scenery along the course, volunteers and event service of the forest marathon. I think the OC has done a good job.

7. Do you have any suggestion for Jingyuetan Forest Marathon?

In fact, I’m very satisfied with the race. Looking forward to running again in Jingyuetan this summer.

8. Which race do you like most in the races that you have ever joint?

Jingyuetan Forest Marathon of course for its beautiful course, good event service and moderate intensity. Among the cross country running events, it’s a wonderful race.

9. Do you have any suggestion for runners who join the Jingyuetan Forest Marathon for the first time?

According to the race experiences in the past years, it’s usually raining during the  race. So remember to take a pair of trail shoes or other anti-skidding shoes. The big challenge is the rainy weather and muddy roads. Also, make training sessions of running on slopes in advance as in Jingyuetan, there are many slopes along the course.

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