2013 Li-Ning China 10k Running League • Changchun, jointly organized by Nordicways Vasa and Li-Ning, has just come to an end. Liu Xin, Sports Marketing Manager of Li Ning (China) Sports Goods Co Ltd Sports Marketing Department, speaks highly of the cooperation with Vasa and expects further cooperation in the future.

Q: Why did Li-Ning Sports cooperate with Vasa on 2013 Li-Ning China 10k Running League • Changchun?
A: Li-Ning Sports needs the help from such a professional road running company to hold the league. In 2007, Li Ning Sports once worked with Vasa as a sponsor, which left a good impression on us. Moreover, Vasa is well-prepared for every runner. You can bet on them for the best.

Q: Why do you say Vasa more professional?
A: Li-Ning Sports has worked with different companies on the league. Compared with them, Vasa provides more professional experiences to runners themselves, knowing what they really need. It coincides with the goal of Li-Ning Sports for the race.

Q: Why does Li Ning set the 5k besides 10k running?
A: We hope to attract more runners, not just the high-level players, to participate in the race. The 5k running will attract more sports funs and local residents. If runners don’t care about the certificate or the medal, they can join us actively in every division.

Q: Will you cooperate with Vasa in the future?
A: We intend to continue the cooperation, and we are looking forward to it next year.

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