The 20-year-old Lisa Eweman is the eldest musician among 38 outstanding students from Motala’s Koumra Music School. It’s the first time of the double bass player to be China. We wish she will enjoy her adventure in the country.

Q: What do you know about China before? And what the most attractive thing for you?
A: I think China is big and the culture is cool. I’m really excited since I’m always looking forward to visiting China. And I know Ming Dynasty because of the Great Wall, which we think is cool because we don’t have things like that. So I want to see the Great Wall. And I want to see the differences between culture here and culture at home. And I hope to know more about the country and to see different things here.

Q: And why do you like double bass? And how long have you learnt it?
A: I’ve been playing double bass since I was 12. Actually, I first started with piano and I even didn’t know what the double bass was. Then I went to a new school and I saw it in the classroom so I wanted to play it. The tone is deep as if you had the body in the double bass. And I can feel music at the same time.

Q: You have practiced some Chinese songs, are there any differences do you think between Chinese songs and Swedish ones?
A: Yeah, there surely exists difference. I think melody of Swedish songs is simple while the Chinese one is like flowing. But I really like Chinese songs because it’s very enthusing to listen to. I listened to the tape of Chinese Erhu before and it sounds like violin. I really enjoy it.

Q: Do you think Vasa is a good way to connect the youth between Sweden and China?
A: Yes, exactly. It is a good platform for youths from both Sweden and China to exchange and learn from each other. They provide a good opportunity. And I hope there will be more chances in the future for me to deliver performances in China.

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