A Swedish musician who rewrites Chinese songs
The 44-year-old Michael Roos is one of the four music teacher from Motala’s Koumra Music School who came to China with the invitation of Nordicways Vasa. He rewrote two traditional Chinese folk songs – Jasmine Flower and Kangding Qingge – for their special shows in China. The fresh old Chinese songs amazed all the Chinese audience. Congratulations to Michael!

Q: How do you rewrite the Chinese songs?
A: I’ve combined these two different languages into a common one. And I even tried to combine a Swedish folk song with Gangnam Style.

Q: How long have you spent on rewriting a song? And how many Chinese songs have you rewritten till now?
A: About one day each. Just this two till now and I’ll write more in the future because the melody of Chinese song is so beautiful.

Q: Is it a challenge for you to rewrite a Chinese song?
A: Everything is a challenge. You have to listen to what specific Chinese song is, what specific Swedish song is and see whether there is possible to mix them together. And I think if I can combine the music then I can combine the people. It was fantastic because we’ve never played for so many people. And people sat there in two hours and just enjoyed it.

Q: What’s your comment on the work of Nordicways Vasa?
A: It’s very good and very professional job. We’re used to fix things well by ourselves while this time everything is already fantastically done. Their work is amazing.

Songs Introduction
Molihua (or jasmine) is from Jiangsu Province in eastern China, where jasmine flowers are grown. People in the area love drinking jasmine tea. By eulogizing the jasmine flower, the song celebrates the sweetness and beauty of romantic love.
Kangding Qingge (literally “Love song of Kangding”) is a traditional folk song of Kangding, Sichuan Province, that has become popular across China.

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