Ladies always draw much attention in the Vasa Running. The 27-year-old Mari Riseth Guin comes from Sweden is one of them.
As the third place winner of lady running in 2011, she is one of the top seeds for this year’s Vasa Running .

Q: For a female, what’s the most difficult part to join in running?
A: It’s a quite long distance, maybe that’s why there are not so many women in the running. But I think it’s good to set long-distance race because there are not so many races having such long distance. It’s exciting to try.

Q: Do you keep regular training in your daily life? And have you specifically trained for this year’s festival?
A: I run almost every day, from 1 hour to 2 hours. And I have run a lot before I went to China. I hope that I’m prepared.

Q: Are you confident to win the champion this year?
A: No, I don’t think so because there are so many good Chinese runners, but I will try. Actually, I’ve been here two years ago. I was No.3 at that time and I was satisfied with it.

Q: How do you like Vasa Running? What impresses you most?
A: I like it, because the distance is long. And the track is very good. It has many changes, uphill and downhill.

Q: Do you think Vasa running is a good chance for the young people between the two countries to communicate and know more about each other?
A: Yes, you will meet many people in this race. And we met some Chinese people many times in skiing competition.

Q: How about Vasa running compared with other events you have participated?
A: It’s quite different from races I have taken part in Norway and Sweden. The atmosphere is quite different but I really like it and the park here is very nice. I hope to join more Vasa running in the future.

Q: Could you give some advice for the ladies who want to take part in the running?
A: Remember to drink a lot of water. Run slowly at first because it’s a long distance and it’s good for you with enough power. Just have fun. Enjoy it.

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