The 64-year-old Yu Yonghe is a local resident from Changchun. He does not think his age is a factorwhen competing with participants from other countries. He said he simply enjoyed the competition. He hopes to join more Vasa events in the future.

Q: How do you feel now?
A: It’s fine. I don’t even feel tired. I have almost fully recovered already.

Q: Was this your first marathon race?
A: I participated in Vasa running 3 times. I ran a 42 km full marathon last week in Lanzhou and got 98th place.

Q: Do you have regular training in your daily life?
A: I regularly engage in rigorous training, running 21 km every day, and 35 km once per week.

Q: How did you like Vasa running?
A: It’s an exciting competition for peopleto improve their health. And I will take part in it in the future.

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