Different from the past two years, its cool today, no burning sun and no heavy rain. Everything goes well with 2017 Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon. Nearly 6,000 participants from 32 countries, such as American, Canada, Austrilia, Russia, New Zealand and so on, compete in the race. More than 70% runners are from out of Changchun and over 60% runners compete in Marathon and Half marathon. Runners all over the world gather in Jingyuetan today and run freely in the beautiful forest.

In the marathon group, Dong Ruihuang, a Chinese runner, beat Edwin Kichwen and Alfred Kiprono Korir from Kenya, won the male champion with the result of 2:51:49. Experienced with running, Dong has participated in many marathons around China. In addition, Dong was the male champion of Jingyuetan Forest half marathon last year! One year later, he won the 1st place of marathon here, ahead of lots of experienced athletes. Edwin Kichwen won the 2nd place, 2 mins behind and Korir the 3rd place, 7 mins behind.
More gap than male, the competition of female marathon was less intense. Li Xiuyan, from Changchun Running Association, achieves the female champion of marathon with the result of 3h 48mins. Considering she is 49 years old now, its a big feat. 5 years ago, Li started to run, just for healthy weight loss. Now she runs at least 10km every day. She is a really worthy winner. Another Chinese runner, Li Hongying, was the second place, nearly 11 mins behind. Ann Qing Xiang won the 3rd, 33 mins behind.

More beauty in Jingyuetan, more slope as well. Runners should be faced with dirt road, sand road, grasland, and other different landforms. Its a big challenge for runners used to city marathon. Gains always go with challenge, the fresh air, hill, forest, lake, so a beautiful picture! Enjoy the race and relax yourself.

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