, a professional image service provider, captures the moments of your highlight. Bearing “participants first” in heart, we integrate all necessary and possible features such as image search, cloud storage and processing, image recognition, realtime upload, content push… just for you!

Such a professional image service company to take pictures for everyone, is it so excited? Now, let’s take a look at how to get your race photos quickly!

4 steps:


Search”sportswithfun” on Wechat


Click”照片查询(Search)”as below


Search“2018长春净月潭森林马拉松”Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon 2018


Enter your “bib number”

“iYUNDONG”is a real-time processing all the photos and upload platform, so after the game you can find your own photos . You can download your own event photos without Email.

You can use  face recognition to get your photo.

【First step】

Click“人脸识别”(face recognition)

【Second step】

Take a photo of yourself

or upload 1 picture

【Third step】

Click“开始识别”(Start) to find your picture

If you need photos without any logo, please download “Iyundong”App on your phone. Pay a little money to the photographer as below to get your HD photos!

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