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2018长春净月潭森林马赛前须知 亲爱的选手您好: 十分高兴您来长春参加第四届长春净月潭森林马拉松。赛事临近,我们为您准备了一些常见问题解答,希望对您有帮助。如果您有任何问题,欢迎联系我们。 期待在长春见到你们! 常见问题 何时领取参赛包,签到需要选手提供什么材料? 参赛包领取时间: 6月15日09:00-18:00 6月16日09:00-18:00 领取参赛包地址: 长春市净月大街5840号净月潭国家级...

About Us

Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon is the first cross-country event co-sponsored by China Track and Field Association, and has been certified by China Marathon Class B.Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon is a series of “Vasa” brand events, different from the urban road marathon, is the most fashionable forest cross-country marathon in the world today.The track is set up according to the terrain of Jingyuetan Scenic Area. It consists of hillside road, forest sandy green road, ring-pool road, adjacent highway and so on. The total climbing slope is 750 meters. Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park, a beautiful national AAAAA scenic spot, has a clear climate and pleasant scenery in June.Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon combines sports with tourism. It is not only a race for runners, but also a Carnival Party for all participants. On June 16th, run with your friends in the forest of Jingyuetan Park. Let’s get away from the noise of the city, run into nature and enjoy the pleasant life.

Event Schedule

  • 07:00
    Traffic restrictions are being enforced, no vehicles still allowed to drive into the Jingyuetan park.
  • 07:30
    Music band welcomes the runners.
  • 08:00
    The contestants of Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 7 km Mini Marathon enter and check into their starting block, the warm-up exercises begin.
  • 08:20
    Opening ceremony
  • 08:30
    Start of the Full Marathon and Half Marathon (in separate blocks)
  • 08:40
    Start Mini Marathon;
  • 11:30
    The Prize giving Ceremony of Half Marathon
  • 12:00
    Dance performance.
  • 12:10
    Game and interaction with audience,Lucky draw begins.
  • 14:30
    The Award Ceremony of Marathon
  • 16:00
    End of Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Marathon

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SHENYANG305KM105 / per day1H30MIN100CNY
BEIJING972KM50 / per day1H50MIN950CNY31 / per day6H30MIN300CNY
SHANGHAI1698KM36 / per day2H25MIN1600CNY6 / per day11H500CNY